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Oral Whore

Faith was never much into oral sex… She was dating Craig and he always wanted blow jobs…. She tried and she tried, but the deeper his cock went into her mouth the less she liked it! She’d rather be doing anal sex than doing this!

But she was a good little whore and willing to try her best…

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Sooner or later she’s going to get all of his cock in her mouth!

Sucking The Cock

If only all chicks could give head like this!

Joanne was never afraid of sucking cock, and loved to be pushed around a bit when getting fucked. She loved getting fucked hard, loved anal sex, and loved being fucked from behind. If her head hit the headboard a few times, she could live with it… She loved sucking cock but had never had a man try to force his cock down her mouth!

And the entire time this slut was turned on!

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She can get used to men pulling on her hair while she’s trying to deep throat his cock!

Casting Couch Blow Job

Jessi should have known better when she got a late night phone call from someone claiming to be an agent who wanted to meet with her right then. She’s been working as a waitress on the outskirts of Hollywood for years and she’s heard all about the casting couch. But times were rough, she was between jobs, and she needed work – any work.

Of course, within ten minutes of this so called “interview” they wanted to see her tits, and then from there it was only a few quick steps to her sucking cock

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Luckily she knows how to suck cock well!

Blonde Teen Loves Blowjobs

Baby has always been a cock whore. Paul knew this, and Paul loves having his cock sucked off… He let her take out the Range Rover and son of a bitch she dinged the fucking garage on the way out. Now she’s going to have to make it up to him. Being as she can’t afford to fix it – she was going to have to make it up in blow jobs!

And Babe can blow him all day long….

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Might take a few years to pay off her debt to society, but Paul is in no hurry if he’s going to be a blow job like this every day!

Blonde Tries Deep Throating

Lynn has been sucking cock for years, and it’s still her favorite thing to do. Of course, Rodger has no complaints… He loves having his cock sucked off! And Lynn does such a great job giving head…

She loves how his cock is nice and thick and long… She can’t deep throat all of him, but she does enjoy trying!

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Of course he likes it too!

Cock Eater

Some chicks know how to suck cock, and others… Not so much… Veronique Vega is one of those who knows how to suck cock! Imagine looking down and seeing Veronique Vega and her perky little titties while she’s sucking your cock down!

Looks like Veronique Vega isn’t afraid of the cock either! She’s got a mouthful of dick and she’s grabbing it with her hand, ready to suck it down…

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This bitch on Cherry Pimps is going to devour this cock!

Kaycee Dean Loves Cock

Kaycee Dean is another determined cock sucking teen slut who loves sucking cock… She’s not afraid of sucking some dick either; She’s got her hands wrapped around his cock and she’s holding it firmly in his hand while she sucks him off!

And of course the entire time she’s looking right up at him while sucking him off!

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Only Cherry Pimps has Kaycee Dean sucking cock like a good teen whore!

Cock In Mouth

Wow… Cherry Pimps has all of the hottest cock suckers! Case in point is Emily Evermoore – a hot blonde teen buck naked sucking cock like she was born to suck cock! But then again, aren’t all teens born to suck cock? Exactly. And Emily Evermoore likes sucking cock as much as any other chick we’ve ever seen!

From the look in her eyes it looks like she really really wants it!

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I bet you this blonde slut can deep throat this entire cock!

Barbi Love Sucks Dick

Seems they really like the cock sucking whores on the Cherry Pimps website… Yeah, they love blow jobs over there!

Barbi Love is on the Cherry Pimps website – doing what blonde teen sluts do best! Sucking cock!

Down on her knees, titties out, eyes looking up at us…

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If only all teen sluts loved sucking cock as much as this blonde whore does!

Allison Pierce

Allison Pierce is a good little whore who knows her place in life… She knows exactly where women should be – naked, and on their knees with their hands behind their back and a huge fat cock in their mouth! Lucky for Allison Pierce she loves having a fat cock in her mouth and loves giving head….

The best part is this oral slut is looking up at us while sucking down that huge fucking cock!

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Chicks who look up at us while sucking cock are a huge fucking turn on!

And it seems that Cherry Pimps has all of the cock sucking sluts!