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Forced To Deep Throat

She knew she wasn’t pleasing him. She would do anything for him, but he would have to show her how – force her if he needed to. Once she used the word “forced” he was in – and eager even!

He put his cock in her mouth and forced her head from behind – and suddenly she was deep throating him unlike she had her deep throated cock before!

deep throating surprise1

Turns out she can deep throat cock down – she just needed to be forced a little!

Bathroom Blow Job

Mary had just met Jack at a party… And she was totally into him! She was more than just a bit of a slut; She was the type of whore that always banged on the first date.

But this time there was no where to fuck – they were at a house party – so she got him into the bathroom and quickly got down on her knees to blow him!

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She wanted to keep him interested so she was sure to give him the best blow he’s had in a while!

Blonde Sucks Deep

Donna loves deep throating. She knows the only way to please a man is by sucking off his cock, and if that’s the case then she is going to be the best damn cock sucker in town… and it seems like that’s exactly what she is – a cock sucking whore and a good one at that!

deep Throating blonde beauty2

She’s got expensive tastes… So she needs him wrapped out his fingers! If oral sex is the way to do it, then she’ll deep throat him all day long!

Teen Babe Loves Oral Sex

She looked like she didn’t know the first thing about sucking cock, and when she started into it she was teasing him. She didn’t take his cock in her mouth, but instead licked him up and down…

beautiful teen loves sucking cock2

But when it came right down to it, she did know what she was doing it when came to oral sex… It wasn’t the first cock she’s sucked off!

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Hot Oral Adventure

Emily was giving him the best blow job ever… And then following up with a hand job!

While he was stroking off his cock and rubbing it against her boobs she was also playing with his balls!

emily jizz facial 3

She turned him on way too much because he spit out a huge load of jizz on her face!

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Teen Slut Sucking Cock

Sammi wanted his cock badly… And she was going to put on a good show to make sure he was going to be happy!

Down on her knees, eyes wide open… She’s sucking cock…. Like a good little teen whore!

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She doesn’t know it because it’s never happened before but she’s about to get a big fat load of jizz in her mouth!

Gagging On Black Cock

Jenny knew she might be biting off more than she could handle. The entire point of the glory hole was that you didn’t know what you were gonna get until it was too late… And poor Jenny got the jackpot – a big huge thick cock! A black cock too!

Jenny had never sucked off a black cock before…

deep throating slut

It was way too much cock for her to suck down!

Misty Vonnage Sucking Cock

Misty Vonnage loves having a cock in her mouth… Most MILFs do!

She’s pulling out all of the stops for this sexy blow job… She’s got her titties out and she’s looking back up at him…

misty vonnage sucking cock

Then suddenly she swallows him down and inhales his cock!

She’s going to blow him and keep on blowing him until he cums in her mouth!

Blonde With Pigtails Sucks Cock

Chicks with pig tails always like sucking cock! That’s because only sluts wear their hair in pig tails!

With her eyes wide open, she’s hot his cock in her mouth and she’s going to work on him. She’ll have him eating out of her hand quickly with a blog job like this!

kiki loves oral sex

If she’s not careful… This hot blond slut might have him coming in her mouth!

Violet Admanson Sucks Cock

She might be a MILF but Violet Admanson remembers how to suck cock… In fact, being a hot MILF makes her blow jobs even better – because now this slutty MILF knows exactly what buttons to push when giving head!

With her eyes open she sucks him down!

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She looks super hot down on her knees with his cock in her mouth!