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Her Toy Arrives

Trinity was a very horny 19 year old that was blooming into a very hyper active teen with a sexual appetite.She had ordered a nice big thick dildo that she wanted to play with and she knew that the mail carrier was going to arrive with it today because she ordered it next day air.She rushed home from school in her scooter.


When she got there she was happy to see a package on her bed.She locked her bedroom doors and close the blinds so she could have some privacy with her new toy.She took the dildo in to her mouth and she began to suck on it.She was using her mouth to get it nice and wet to use on her pussy.


Alissa Likes Fruit

Alissa went out for a dip in her pool.She was feeling very frustrated so she thought a cold dip in the pool would do her good.It only made things worse because she came out of the wet pool very horny and eager for some action.She decided to play with herself since there was nobody else around that would see her do such naughty things.


She sat down and started to pinch on her nipples.She loved the feeling of squeezing on those nipples and making herself very horny.She then took her hand and began to rub it all along her clit.Her pussy was very warm and wet and was ready for some real action of its own.


She remembered that she had brought a banana with her for a small snack.She knew it would make the perfect penetrating device because it would fit inside of her wet pussy hole.She took the odd shaped fruit and gently shoved it inside of her hole.She teased on her pussy clit with the banana and actually made herself have an orgasm!


Teens Use Toy

These two horny teens Sue and Nancy had found a really long glass dildo.It was brand new and since they were only 19 they had never had the chance to use a toy like this before.They decided to meet at Nancy’s house and they wore some of her moms sexy lingerie.they went out back to the pool and began their new adventure.


The licked on the long glass toy and wanted to see what it felt running along their tongues.They crossed paths and they were soon licking and kissing on each others lips too.Sue got down on the floor and Nancy straddled her as Sue stuck out her tongue and pulled her panties down.She started to insert her tongue inside of Nancy’s pussy and eating her out making her pussy very wet.


Nancy then sat Sue up and went behind her.The girls started to kiss and Nancy took the opportunity to take that long dildo and gently caress her pussy with it.As she rubbed on the pussy making her feel very horny she took the glass toy and they shoved it inside of her.The big glass cock was pleasing Sue for the first time and she was loving it.


Double teen trouble

These two double trouble teens came into our studios because they wanted to have some fun with a cock.Although they requested to have some 1 on 1 time with each other so they would be able to get to know each others bodies.We didn’t mind as seeing these two hot sluts interact we knew we would get some really good footage.


All of a sudden one of the girls pulled out a long thick dildo strap on that she wanted to use on the other teen.She strapped it on and put that bad boy inside of her friends pussy.As the friend starting fucking that big thick strap on we couldn’t wait until we took out our stunt cock to show them a real dick!


As our stunt cock came out he started to bang these two teens at the same time and they really knew how a cock should function!


A Hopeful Cocksucker

I’m calling this cute blonde a hopeful cocksucker because if she thinks that huge dildo will fit into her mouth she is dreaming!


Though, when her date arrives his cock is not too much smaller than that huge dildo she had! She has a decent size mouth because it fit in there pretty damned well.