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These two Southern Belle blonde babes went to a local frat party over the weekend and they knew they were going to end up with some thick sausages in their mouths.Not the kind you throw on the grill but the kind that gets shoved on your pussy.The two babes started to play with the grillers and tease them and make them get all hard as they lead them down to another part of the party.


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Diana Sucks the customer

Diana works at a hotel and she has to make sure that everything is in tip top order.this finicky customer started to complain because he found a cup that was not rinsed out right.Diana prides herself on providing some great service so she wouldn’t want this customer to tell her boss.She gets nervous and agrees to do anything to please the customer in exchange for his silence.


He has a few ideas and he finally agrees that its in the best interest of both of them.He tells her that he wants a blow job form her hot mouth and she aggress with the proposition. He places her on the bed as she opens up her mouth and he shoves his cock straight into it.She begins to suck on his dick and give him some great head.


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Taylor and Manda were hanging out at a local party and they started to get very horny for each other.The two best friends started to make out on the couch and get very horny and sexual with each other.They began to get undressed and reveal their hot bodies to the whole party.When everyone else saw this happening they decided they wanted in on the action as well and the party soon turned into a sexual orgy!


Taylor and Manda didnt know what they had started until they stopped making out and saw that everyone else was about to start fucking or were already in the process.The girls wanted to double team a cock so they picked one from the crowd and they got on their knees in front of it.


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Jessie was hanging out by the pool when we caught her completely naked and playing with her pussy.We felt bad that this hot thing couldn’t find a cock to fill her mouth so luckily for her we volunteered our services to her.She was happy and wanted to see what type of long dick we would have ready to please her throat and mouth as it got rammed in and out of her oral orifice.


When she saw the monster cock she was happy as can be.She got on her knees and began to lick on the long black dick.She loved the monster cock we provided for her and she was very antsy to make it cum and shoot the white hot mess all over her.


She licked on the shaft and kept handling that cock with her mouth.We must tell you that she’s a pro when it comes to sucking dicks because she was making some amazing oral moves with her tongue.She got down and started to play with her pussy because she was very horny and was enjoying sucking on that fat cock.


Horny Art Lesson

Nancy was taking an art class at a local community college.this was some nature art class where she would study the human form and all of its intricacies.Nancy wasn’t so much interested in all the mumbo jumbo she was mainly there to see some big dicks and then jump on the bones of the lucky models that would come her way.


She convinced the model to let her play with his dick>as she grabbed it from underneath his underpants she felt that long dick rising up and get very hard.She pulled down the top of his underwear and POP went the standing dick in her face.


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Kenna gets a job

Kenna had just moved to Southern California with her mom and was looking for a job.She happened to see a sign at a local Pizza joint and made her way inside.the owner was a total perv and he kept looking at her body up and down.Kenna liked the attention he was giving her and when he said that he would let her work whenever she wanted and pay her full time she didn’t question it.He only stated that he needed to do a personal inspection.He came over and began to feel her up revealing her nice ass.Kenna was surprised but she was loving the attention the manager was giving her so she went along.


She noticed he had a huge bulge in his pants and she was excited to see just how big his dick really was.She pulled his pants down and a huge thick cock almost poked her in the eye.She pulled him in closer and opened her mouth wide as she took his dick inside.This teen was giving a great blowjob to this lucky perv.


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Diana Price deep throat

Diana Price has a part time business where she goes door to door selling her carpet cleaning business.She is always around big thick hoses and she uses this business as a cover for her dick sucking service.She meets her clients at their houses dressed sexily and gets undressed for a great blow job with her experienced lips.


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Teen Chloee just got out of class and was in the mood for a good fucking.She usually comes down to our pad to get to fuck on some hard cocks.She knows we make our own porno and only use our closest friends so this horny babe is one of our best’s.She always comes over when she’s horny and looking to get rammed in the box hard and fast.today was her lucky day as we started out taking pictures of her in a short skirt.


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Kenna Kane pizza fuck

Kenna Kane was looking for an easy part time job that she needed in order to pay from some college supplies.She read in the newspaper for a help wanted ad at a local pizzeria.Once there, the owner was checking her out from top to bottom and being very pervy.Kenna thought she would use this to her advantage by asking for a big salary and practically no hours of work in exchange for a good fucking with the owner.


He undressed her and began to fondle her nice perky tits.they felt incredible as he massaged them with both hands and the tits were all natural.Nothing fake on this hot babe.She then took out his bulge that she felt underneath his sweat pants and began to suck on his dick.He had a very thick cock!


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