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Redhead Amateur Takes Hot Load to Chin

We have a cock loving little redhead to share with you today. She is an amateur but sure doesn’t perform like one. She is heavy on the makeup and full throttle with the horniness. She drops her pink shorts and lifts off her colorful top. She gets naked and starts touching her pretty titties and rubbing her wet pussy. It is all a prelude to a face fuck that you are going to want to watch. See her stuff her throat with the big dick and then get a glob on the chin in this hardcore Reality Kings scene.


Pierced Tongue On Stiff Prick

Here is a cutie with a tongue piercing and a desire to do dirty deeds with big dicks. Watch as she comes to erotic life on camera. She knows exactly how to get trashy and she has no desire to hide that nasty side of herself. She is hot and fired up for some wild fornication. Watch her strip out of a polo shirt and casual shorts. She’s got a couple of tattoos and a nice little natural body. She pulls her hair into pigtails and opens her mouth wide. She flicks her piercing against a big dong and then gags that monster meat down. She will suck and fuck that strong willie until it bursts all over her! Check out the full uncensored scene inside Reality Kings!


Cute Teen Kara Can’t Stop Loving Cock

Kara is a cute 18-year-old Asian girl who has needs. She wants dick and she wants it hard and often. In this Pure 18 scene for Reality Kings, she shows off her sexual nature without any hint of inhibition. She takes off her jersey top to show her firm tits and then gets out of her school girl style pleated skirt. Kara then flosses her pretty brown pussy with her thong before taking that off too. After all of that, she goes for the dick and stuffs her face with it.



Forced To Deep Throat

She knew she wasn’t pleasing him. She would do anything for him, but he would have to show her how – force her if he needed to. Once she used the word “forced” he was in – and eager even!

He put his cock in her mouth and forced her head from behind – and suddenly she was deep throating him unlike she had her deep throated cock before!

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Turns out she can deep throat cock down – she just needed to be forced a little!

Gagging On Black Cock

Jenny knew she might be biting off more than she could handle. The entire point of the glory hole was that you didn’t know what you were gonna get until it was too late… And poor Jenny got the jackpot – a big huge thick cock! A black cock too!

Jenny had never sucked off a black cock before…

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It was way too much cock for her to suck down!

Sucking The Cock

If only all chicks could give head like this!

Joanne was never afraid of sucking cock, and loved to be pushed around a bit when getting fucked. She loved getting fucked hard, loved anal sex, and loved being fucked from behind. If her head hit the headboard a few times, she could live with it… She loved sucking cock but had never had a man try to force his cock down her mouth!

And the entire time this slut was turned on!

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She can get used to men pulling on her hair while she’s trying to deep throat his cock!

Jasmine Byrne Choking On That Cock


You would think a pornstar as experienced in blowjobs as Jasmine would have not trouble with a cock of any size right? Well if you check the size on this meat pole you have to figure any girl would have issues with it.



Oh but she gives it her all and manages to get almost every inch down her throat while gagging.

Chanel Gagging On Cock

Chanel definitely needs some practice at deep throat. She does just fine with blowjobs though! There is no bad blowjob and Chanel is quite good at it actually.


Just a little more practice though because with only the tip of his cock in her mouth the girl is already gagging!


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Deep Throating Whore

Sally loves cock. And she’s a pro at sucking down the cock. Check her out with a mouth full of cock… Just a little bit deeper…..

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Looks like she got a huge fucking mouthful of dick – and didn’t like it all too much!

It was too much cock for her!

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She needs to work on her deep throating skills!

Susie Diamond Sucks

Susie Diamond always gets what she wants and today she was in the mood for a nice throat fuck from her mans long cock.they went to a party and were now home but she wanted to have a little fun before going to bed and having a good night rest.He knew what she wanted so he took his shirt off and he began to rub and kiss her body all over.He knew that working her body and getting her pussy wet would only lead to his cock getting nice and hard.


His plan worked as she felt up his cock through his jeans.She felt a nice thick bulge underneath his jeans and she was ready to go all the way with his cock.She got down on her knees and she pulled his zipper down.She knew what would pop out soon.


Susie was happy that his cock was hard and long.She took his dick into her mouth as she grabbed on to it and she pulled the cock out.She started to suck and get that dick into her mouth as she pleased her boyfriend.