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Blonde And Redhead Cumswap


There’s no real need for these horny babes to share cum. Each has her own hard cock stud to fuck and suck. However why not have twice the fun and roll around getting pounded at at the end…well cumswapping of course the taste of two guys at once is bound to be better than just one – right?

Crazy For Cock

Jenni was working as a nurse at one of the local mental hospitals.There she met a cute guy named James that was faking being crazy so he could get off the hook from having to pay a huge fine.She knew this because he told her as she gave him a sponge bath.She also remembered that he had a big cock that she wanted to take advantage of.SO one day she walked into his padded cell and began to stroke on his dick to get it nice and hard.


James had a rough time because he was enjoying getting a hand job but at the same time he had to act like he was mental! Jenni didnt even mind because she was crazy for cock and she was going to get what she wanted.She opened up her mouth and entered the tip of the cock inside.James looked down at her and crossed his eyes from pleasure.


Jenni was getting so horny with that dick in her mouth.She started to suck and blow on that cock and stroke it at the same time.Her shirt began to unbutton and her big nice tits just popped out!


Happy new year bj

Jeff was having a really happy new year at the company party when things got out of hand at the end! His horny bitch boss and her assistant wanted to thank Jeff for all the hard work throughout the year that they decided to come up with a dick licking plan.They both cornered him while he was getting a drink and started to seduce him by feeling his cock through his pants and finally unzipping the full erect rod.


His boss got on her knees and took that stiffie straight into her mouth as she sucked on his big long cock while he made out with the assistant.She bobbed her head in and out taking that dick whole inside of her mouth.


Soon enough both of the women were battling for Jeff’s cock and sucking it with power.They had total control over his dick and in fact made him shoot his load.As his dick leaked his cum the two women were licking it all up and wouldn’t let a drop fall of the salty goodness.


Throat Fuck Cafe

What a way to start the day. Imagine your girlfriend brings you breakfast on a tray and sets the tray aside and gives you a morning blowjob.


That’s a fucking fantasy come true and this hot blonde did it for her man. I bet she gets some pussy licking in return. However first there’s the little matter of his full balls and she takes that whole load!


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