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Blonde Suck Gives Head Gets Facial

Just like all other sluts, Heidi just wanted to please her man – and of course she enjoyed having a thick cock in her mouth to swallow down. He might have the cock and he might have the power, but the truth was more like she was in control – at least when his cock was in her mouth and she was sucking him down!

She also stroked his cock and played with her titties while sucking him off!

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And after sucking him down for a decent amount of time, eventually he came… Right in her mouth!

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Forced To Deep Throat

She knew she wasn’t pleasing him. She would do anything for him, but he would have to show her how – force her if he needed to. Once she used the word “forced” he was in – and eager even!

He put his cock in her mouth and forced her head from behind – and suddenly she was deep throating him unlike she had her deep throated cock before!

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Turns out she can deep throat cock down – she just needed to be forced a little!

Bathroom Blow Job

Mary had just met Jack at a party… And she was totally into him! She was more than just a bit of a slut; She was the type of whore that always banged on the first date.

But this time there was no where to fuck – they were at a house party – so she got him into the bathroom and quickly got down on her knees to blow him!

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She wanted to keep him interested so she was sure to give him the best blow he’s had in a while!

Blonde Sucks Deep

Donna loves deep throating. She knows the only way to please a man is by sucking off his cock, and if that’s the case then she is going to be the best damn cock sucker in town… and it seems like that’s exactly what she is – a cock sucking whore and a good one at that!

deep Throating blonde beauty2

She’s got expensive tastes… So she needs him wrapped out his fingers! If oral sex is the way to do it, then she’ll deep throat him all day long!