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Kyle Reese Sucking Cock

Kevin spent most of his free time working out and it paid off for him… Women loved his sexy six pack. And he used that to lure women home with him, where they discovered he has a huge cock!

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Kyle Reese wasn’t intimated by his cock. She always loved cock, loved sucking it, and loved big cocks! And she’s an expert at giving head!

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Better yet, she loves sucking cock!

And the entire time she looked into his eyes like a good little cock sucking whore!

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Ashley Jensen Loves Cock

Picking up Ashley Jensen last night was a stroke of luck for Jimmy! He’s never had such a beautiful perky blonde… And once he got her home he was in for a surprise – turns out Ashley Jensen can suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch!

And chicks that know how to suck cock are the ones who knows the way to a man’s heart…. Through his cock!

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And Ashley Jensen knows how to suck cock for sure!

Can’t wait to see this hot blonde babe deep throat his cock!