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Mouthful Of Cock

This slut from First Time Auditions really knows how to give a good blow job!

She’s got all of the tricks down… She’s letting him pull on her hair while she’s got a mouthful of cock, and while she’s fondling his balls!

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Blow jobs just don’t come any hotter!

Loves Sucking Cock

Naomi was well known because of her cute tight little ass… She has a great ass, but she has other hidden talents that you can’t see from the surface…

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Naomi is all about the oral sex! She can suck cock unlike any woman Jack has ever met before! She loves sucking cock!

Down on her hands and knees like a pet dog, legs spread, with a cock in her mouth… He’s pulling on her hair making sure that she is in fact sucking him unlike he’s ever been sucked down before!

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Turns out Naomi is a little cock sucking whore!

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Oral Sex Lover

Racquel loves cock. She’s the type of chick that you would love sucking your cock, because she’s the type of chick that will give you the best fucking blow job ever!

She knows how lick your cock from top to bottom starting with the balls all the way to the tip of the cock, and she loves giving hand jobs…

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Then there is the fact that she loves swallowing jizz! Nothing pleases her more than taking a load of jizz right in her mouth!

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Chicks who suck cock and cum swallow like this are so hard to find!

Jizz On Glasses

Veronika Raquel is a fucking hottie who loves the cock… She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s going to get a huge load of jizz right on her fucking glasses!

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Chicks who wear glasses are always hot, but even more hot when they are sucking cock and getting jizz on their glasses!

Super Blow Job

Mindy is a little cock sucker who loves to be abused orally when giving a blow job!

She’s down on her knees leaning forward, her breasts being smashed, and she’s grabbing on to her heels while she sucks him down!

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He’s pulling on her hair while forcing his cock down her throat!

Looks like she already took a load of jizz – and now she’s sucking him off all over again!

Everything Oral

Some chicks like to deep throat cock…

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And some chicks like to worship the cock….

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Yet other babes like to swallow down a load of jizz and enjoy it while it’s on their tongue!

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Gigi from Amateur Allure likes to do it all – and looks beautiful in the process!

Sucking Cock Like A Whore

All Ryley every really wanted was to get a small role in a Hollywood movie. She wanted all of her old girlfriends back in her little hometown to think she’s done well with her life, making it big and being Miss Popular in California!

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Ryley knows how it works. She needs to put out to get ahead in life. She quickly found that out when looking for a job as a simple waitress just outside of Hollywood. She had a simple plan – Get a job as a waitress at a nice restaurant where the hot celebrities hang out, flirt with some of the big wigs, maybe go as far as flashing her titties, and she would be in! Turns out in order to get a fucking job in this town – any job – she had to suck cock like a whore!

Luckily she loves sucking cock to begin with!

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She’s a hot little sexy cock sucking whore – and with her talents she’ll go far in Hollywood!

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Free Blow Jobs

Gina knows how it works… She knows exactly what a man likes – and that’s oral sex! All men love blow jobs. Gina knows this and uses it to her full advantage. Whenever she wants something – like that silver necklace she wanted – all she needs to do is offer up a free blow job and her boyfriend will be putty in he hands… And her mouth!

Because Gina really knows how to give head too! She’s a cock sucking oral queen!

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She also loves it when men have all of the control… She loves having a man climb on top of her she cram his cock down her throat!

It’s just a huge turn on to give head like this!

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Kaycee Loves Cum Swallowing

Every now and then a woman comes along that is too beautiful to pass up. Kaycee is one such hot teen. When she came to visit Thomas at Amateur Allure, he just couldn’t wait to have her naked and sucking on his boner. In fact, Kaycee gave him instant wood!

The best part about Kaycee isn’t that she was beautiful and blonde or even her root beer eyes… It was the fact that she already knew how to suck cock!

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Kaycee might love sucking down dick, but she’s a smart girl and she knew exactly what she was getting herself into. She knew what Thomas was into, and she knew exactly what Amateur Allure was all about!

She was fine with the cum swallowing!

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And Kaycee sure looked beautiful with a load of jizz on her tongue!