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Throat Fucking

Women shouldn’t do this – let a man climb on top of her, pin her down, and then allow him to shove his cock inside of her mouth…. Because men love it when we get to slide our cocks deep inside of their mouth, deep inside, and this gives us all of the power….. And we can shove it down her cock as deep as we want!

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And there’s not a thing she can do about it!

Kiki Deep Throats

Oh, if only all chicks could deep throat a cock like Kiki here…. Damn, it’s such a beautiful sight to see a hot teen like this deep throating cock down!


All of the chicks on the Amateur Allure girls suck cock like this….. It’s so beautiful!

Oral Sex Hottie

This hot little brunette looks like the type of babe who gives a lot of head…. Then again, maybe she knows the secret to a man’s heart isn’t through his heart, but through his cock!

Damn, this bitch is sucking him down and she’s not going to stop until he cums right in her mouth!

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Because most chicks who like sucking cock also like swallowing jizz too!

Best Deep Throat

Not only does Kelsey from Amateur Allure know how to make love to a cock, but she can deep throat like it’s no one’s business…. And if that’s not enough, she can lick your balls while sucking you down!


Amateur Allure not only has the deep throating part down, but she’s multi tasking while giving him head AND licking his balls all at the same time!

Sexy Blow Job

Some chicks just know how to suck cock off better than others… And this blonde chick, well, she really knows what she’s doing. The very first step is to grab the cock with her hand and gently stroke it while sucking it off. Angie here knows how to do this so it’s starting to shape up to be a promising blow job for sure!

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Then with each stroke, she needs to take his cock a little further in her mouth… The harder the cock gets, the deeper she’s going to have to suck him down!

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And of course the entire time she’s going to have to keep mooing up at him with those big green eyes!

Hot Deep Throating

Damn, not only can this hot teen from Amateur Allure take a mouth full of cock deep down her throat…. But she’s looking up the entire time!


Not all girls can deep throat cock like this, but even fewer can deep throat dick while looking up at your, locking their eyes with your eyes!

Looks like this hottie can do both!

Teen Deep Throats

Some women suck cock, and someone make love to your cock with their mouth. Clearly this babe from Amateur Allure is one of those ones who loves to make love to your cock – with her mouth and her tongue!

Looks like this teen can deep throat any cock you hand her!


All of the chicks on Amateur Allure can deep throat cock like this! It’s beautiful!