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Vivien For Fun Suck

Vivian is ready for some fun and especially on her yearly bike ride with her man.Every year they go to the big biker convention and let all their inhibitions fly out the window.Vivian is so crazy that she licks her mans cock any chance that she can get. As they pull over to the side of the rode she takes his cock out and the nice stiff dick is ready for her to make her move.


She doesn’t care that they are out in the open and she grabs his cock and just instantly begins to slobber up her mouth on it.She gets the dick nice and wet as she uses her tongue to lick on the tip of the cock and get herself ready to take it all inside of her mouth.She gets on her knees and he begins to pump the cock into her throat over and over again.


As he forcefully shoves his cock down her throat he gets so horny that he shoots out all his cum and makes her get a very wet and horny facial.The dripping cum fills her face up and she gets very happy at this.


Silvy Sucks Cock

Silvy was being very naughty, she already got in trouble with her husband for being a flirt and trying to get as many dicks as she could into her mouth while he was away.He found out because one of his buddies said she gave him the beet blow job ever.She was on lock down and she wasnt suppose dto leave the house looking for some cock.Guess what the first thing she did was?


She walked out of her building only to find a maintenance guy working on the fans.She walked over to him and started dto rub on his cock with her hands.His bulge got harder and harder the more she handled it until she finally took the cock out of his shorts.She got down and began to stroke his cock and suck him off as well.She was having a great horny time with the maintenance mans tool, his cock!


Love Long Things

Cristina has a fetish for very long things.As she was on her date with some dude he pulled out a long cigar for them to share and smoke.He didnt know that he just unleashed Cristinas biggest sexual fetish as she got turned on by the long thick cigar.She took it into her hands and she licked it like it was a cock.Of course he got horny and was very excited to see what else she could do with her mouth.


He took out his stiff long cock and she grabbed the muscle in her hands.She squeezed it and she stroked on the long thick cock.She got it nice and hard and she took her tongue to the tip of the cock.She licked on the head and made it get hard and take notice of her very horny and wet mouth.


Finally he got into the act of things and it was time for him to pop his cock deep down her throat.He stood up and he shoved his cock down her throat as she closed her eyes and received the hot cock in her mouth going in and out.


Karolina Throat Fuck

Karolina was feeling very naughty and she had a great idea on how to help herself get through that.She decided to get herself a nice thick cock to play with after attending the play.She arrived home and she called over one of her friends that had a nice thick cock.He walked in and she smiled because she was ready to take his dick down her throat.


First he needed to get his cock hard and he was willing to play with her pussy to get his fingers wet. he turned her around and threw her skirt up as her nice pink pussy was revealed.he started dto dip his fingers inside of her very wet pink holes and she was moaning and having a good time.


She turned around when she was ready and she saw that his dick was hard and stiff.She took his cock out and she started to suck on his dick with all the sucking power she had.


Sharon Loves Dick

Sharon loves the dick and she enjoys getting her mouth salty and wet with the cock and her mouth getting very messy as she pleases these dicks.She starts out by kissing the tip of the dick and getting the head very excited for the rest of her mouth.She enjoys the taste and the smell of the dick.


She gets down on her knees and she starts to massage the balls with her hands.She takes the long cock into her mouth and she begins to tug on the dick to get it very horny and hot for her mouth to suck on over and over again.


Diana Doll Suck

Diana Doll was joined by her lover and wanting to get pleased.She was about to suck on his dick but first she wanted dto get a little horny and get her wet pussy started to get horny and excited.He took her breasts out of the bra and he cupped them as he stuck out his tongue.He licked don her nice erect nipples and made her moan and get ready for his cock.


She placed her big tits together so he could put his cock between them and tit fuck her.he jammed his dick between her tits and he started to tit fuck her as Diana stuck her tongue out and licked on the tip of the cock.


Now it was her turn to go for broke as she grabbed the cock in her hand and she open up her mouth.She received the cock between her lips and she began to suck his dick off with her lips and please his cock.



Natali For Cock

Natali and her new boyfriend were about to go further than they have before.It has been a few weeks of groping and touching but now they were ready to take the next step and Natali was very excited because she could finally show her boyfriend her highly developed blow job skills.She’s spent so many years sucking cocks that she knows she the best at it and she is going to teach him a lesson.


He takes her clothes off and he begins to suck on her tit.Her nipple gets very erect and this makes her horny for his cock.She has him lay down and she pulls his shorts off.His thick erect cock is now in the palm of her hands as she begins to lick on the tip of his dick with her tongue.


She blows his dick and keeps it in her warm wet mouth until he cant take it anymore.Since they dont want to have actual sex yet, she lets him pump his cock into her mouth.She leans back and he straddles her body as he fucks her mouth and cums inside of it.


A Happy Ending

Janet loves her job, she gets to touch some of the hottest bodies around town and being a nympho like her it really helps out alot! She loves to touch both boys and girls but she has to admit that her favorite is a big thick cock ready for her to suck and please.She usually starts by rubbing the inner thighs of a client until she sees the bump ride underneath the towel.


She then takes the cock into her hands and she begins to jack it off.By this point the dudes are getting a great hand job and they dont even stop to ask her they just lay back and enjoy her handy work.If she likes the cock enough she’ll actually go down and place it between her lips as she begins to tease it.


She clenches the tip of the cock with her teeth just gently and she gets the dick aware of whats about to happen.She starts to go in deeper and give a full on blowjob to the fat long cock with her mouth.


Teen To Suck

Horny teen Mayra visited her best friends house even though she knew that she wasn’t home.Her best friend was away on Summer camp and her Dad was the only one at the house.She knew this because she has been curious and horny and she knew that he had a big cock.She could tell by the way his shorts and pants had an outline whenever she would see him walking by at her friends house.She went inside and seduced him as she sat in front of his cock and groped it with her hands.


His dick got very excited and hard at the prospect of this horny 18 year old teen giving him some head.It has been awhile since hes had some blowjobs given to him ever since his bitch wife left them.Now he was going to enjoy himself as this hot teen took his dick out and began to give him a blow job he would never forget.


Soapy Surprise

Sandy was in the bath tub trying to relax from a long day at the office.Her husband came home from work and she invited him in to share some quality time together.he didnt waste any time as he came behind her and cupped her breasts with his hands.She felt his cock rising behind her.


She loves his thick cock and she will do anything to keep her man pleased.She lumped her breasts together and he knew what to do.He came closer and placed his cock between her tits as he tit fucked her nice and good.


Finally she wanted to take his cock into her mouth so she began to pinch her nipples and get all hard.She grabbed his cock with one hand and shoved it into her mouth as she pumped and sucked it to get it nice and wet and excited.