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Jessica was in my office for some Coffee but we ended up going overboard and getting down to some extra fun.I met her online and i knew we had a connection because we would always flirt with each other.Since she works close by i invited her over one morning when i would be alone at the office.We flirted and chatted until she said she wanted to give me a little morning surprise.I didnt know what it was but once i saw her getting naked i knew what was to come.


She kneeled in front of me and unzipped my pants.She took my stiff hard cock out and was teasing it with her mouth.She licked on the tip and used her tongue to make my cock get stimulated and hard.She opened up and received my cock.


Holding on to the cock as hard as she could she pumped my dick and made me get even hornier.I could feel my cumload building up on the tip and i was ready to shoot it all at her and make her feel satisfied.


420 Throat Fuck

Jennifer works at a Medical marijuana facility and she pretty much can do whatever she wants.She’s lucky enough that when she finds a cute guy she wants to mess around with all she has to do is close up the place and get ready to please that cock.She welcomed Jeff into the store and she thought he was the hottest thing.She came over and began to rub his cock over his pants as she felt his bulge get larger.


She took out the large long cock and she was pleasantly surprised to find a really long cock that was waiting for her mouth to welcome it in.She started to lick on the tip of the dick and she could felt the cock twitch in excitement.


She then made sure her throat was loosened up as she took the large cock and swallowed it inside.The cock went really deep down her throat and she almost gagged on the girth and length of it down her throat.


Give Us Cock

These two Southern Belle blonde babes went to a local frat party over the weekend and they knew they were going to end up with some thick sausages in their mouths.Not the kind you throw on the grill but the kind that gets shoved on your pussy.The two babes started to play with the grillers and tease them and make them get all hard as they lead them down to another part of the party.


There, the two horny blonde babes got down and started to give these cocks a nice blow job.The dicks were getting pumped into their mouth as as they slid them down their throats and made themselves get horny and messy with all the pre cum dripping off of their lips.


Lila to Suck

Seems like Lila is all over the place because of her special blow job techniques.This pretty hot Hawaii babe is fantasy come to reality as she likes to do it all.Most of all though she likes to get her throat plugged up with a hard cock deep inside of it.Can you fulfill her fantasy with your cock?


She always has a great time whenever she has a dick around.If she licks on it she begins to smile because this is what she does best,She takes th head into her hands and makes the cock get closer to her lips as she rubs her lips up and down the length of the cock.


She goes head on and opens her mouth to receive the dick inside of her mouth as she sucks in and out.She makes that cock go deep inside of her mouth and finally explodes by cumming inside of her.Thats how good this hot teen is with the cock.


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Get on the double dick suck bus as this hot babe gets ready to take two stiff muscles into her mouth and suck them nice and dry.She has a hot as hell body as you can tell and its no problem for her to get these dicks nice and wet and erect for pleasure. With her bouncy breasts and long slender body it’ll be easy for her to please these dicks.


She takes the lead and gets on her knees as the two dicks assault her mouth and she begins to suck on them both.While she works herself on one of the cocks the other dick swings over to her face as well stroking himself in front of her.


She interchanges cocks and sucks on the next dick while she fist pumps the first cock.She is so good at doing more than one thing at a time that these stiff dicks dont feel neglected at all!


Natalia Cock in Mouth

Natalia wanted a cock in her mouth but there was only one problem.She was scheduled to work that evening and so she had to attend to the store.She was getting really bored until this hot guy walked in looking for some sexy clothes to get for his girlfriend.Natalia knew she had to take advantage of the situation and she asked him if the sexy clothes were for sex.He was surprised but said yes and then she said that she needed to see what kind of sex in order to help him!


He came over to her and told her that it would most likely be a blowjob.She liked this idea because now she would be able to have that cock inside of her mouth for good.She got down on her knees and took her top off to reveal her nice perky supple tits.His cock was nice and stiff as she stuck out her tongue and licked him on the tip to begin sucking him and giving him a blowjob.


She sucked him off nice and dry as she sucked his white gooey semen inside and down her throat.She left him speechless and his cock was very sore from her hot lips wrapped around his dick.


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Raquel was in trouble because she was about to get throat fucked by a hard long cock.This teen babe was itching to get a dick deep inside of her throat and make herself feel sexy and horny by doing this.She smiled and waited for my cock to get hard as she showed me her nice breasts.


I took my dick out and she began to lick on the tip like it were a pop or candy.She was doing such a nice job of getting my cock nice and wet with her oral juices.She looked up at me and continued to do her thing with her mouth.


Finally she had me lay down so she could take my complete cock inside.She opened up and concentrated as she took my fat long cock inside of her throat and fucked herself with it.


Surprise For Bella

Bella is itching for a surprise because today is her birthday and i took her out for some fine dining and drinks.After the night was almost over we ended up at her apartment and i could tell that she was feeling very horny and wanted to finish the night off right.with her nice red hip hugging dress i let her take control and see what she wanted next for her birthday from me.


No surprise she got on her knees as she smiled and took my dick out of my pants.She unzipped me and my long thick cock was present in front of her face.She wrapped her lips around my cock and she began to suck on it like a nice wet vacuum.Dont ask me how i know what a vacuum on my cock feels like cuz i aint telling!


She sucked on my cock and played with my balls with her hands as i enjoyed her sexy ways.My cock was ready to explode as i closed my eyes and let her do her thing.All of a sudden i could feel my white milky cum get forced out of my cum as she sucked on my dick.She opened up her mouth and smiled as she swallowed my jizz down her throat.


Mandee Gets In Trouble

Mandee got in trouble with her boyfriend because she was trying to be a smart aleck bitch and hide the remote control for the tv from him.She wants him to spend some more time with her after work and not just sit down on the couch to watch movies.she thought he wouldn’t mind if she tried to hide the remote.He got very angry and told her she had to be punished for being a bad girl.


He had her get on her knees as he pulled his long cock out.She was very excited because it had been awhile since he paid extra special attention to her. She was willing to do anything just to feel loved by him and his cock.She worked his cock in her mouth and sucked and gave him a wet blowjob.


He really wanted to finish up so he could see the season premiere of his favorite show so he decided to help her out.He grabbed her face and pumped his cock into her mouth as she almost gagged but enjoyed this extreme throat fuck lesson.