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Alexia has an Idea

Alexia had just finished work but she still didnt feel like going home.She was feeling a little bit frustrated and anxious and needed a quick fix to help her calm down.She didnt have anyone else in the office until she saw the janitor.She had a really sexy and horny idea where she wanted to suck on his dick to see what he was really made of.


She pulled his dick out from under his underwear and she stroke it with her mouth open.As the tip of the cock touched her lips Alexia went wild and was sucking that cock even more and getting wetter and hornier by the minute.She stroked his long janitor cock until he fapped all over her face with his jizz.


Critic Prefers Cock

Jenna the critic went to a new restaurant to see how great the food was.She didnt fall in love with it and thought that it was a little too bland.The waiter upon hearing this complaint told the chef and he angrily came out of the kitchen to see what she had to say for herself.When Jenna saw the chef she got horny and joked that his dick might taste better than the food.The chef took her up on her comment and she agreed to try the cocks out.


She got on her knees and both of the fat long cock were taken out of the pants as they stared her in the face.She liked that the dicks were already stiff and hard for her to grab and begin to suck on.She licked and gave these two dicks a nice long blow job at the same time.


She wasn’t done sucking on the cock and in fact was still going even as they were fucking her.While she sucked on one cock the other dick came from behind opened her legs and fucked her wet pussy.


Diana Sucks the customer

Diana works at a hotel and she has to make sure that everything is in tip top order.this finicky customer started to complain because he found a cup that was not rinsed out right.Diana prides herself on providing some great service so she wouldn’t want this customer to tell her boss.She gets nervous and agrees to do anything to please the customer in exchange for his silence.


He has a few ideas and he finally agrees that its in the best interest of both of them.He tells her that he wants a blow job form her hot mouth and she aggress with the proposition. He places her on the bed as she opens up her mouth and he shoves his cock straight into it.She begins to suck on his dick and give him some great head.


Jasmin Opens Wide

Jasmin is ready to open wide and take my dick inside of her mouth.I knew she would be a hoot and holler to shoot because she always had a really cute smile on her face.She really lighted up though as soon as she saw my fat cock in front of her.She rubbed my cock on her face and made me know that she was going to enjoy this blow job as much as me.


She had to open up her mouth wide and my dick just went straight in.She tugged on my cock and got it closer to her mouth and then started to suck it all in.I didnt know my fat cock was going to fit so great into her mouth like a hand with a glove.She gave the best blow job i have ever felt!


Jessica Stroke and Suck

Jessica is one party hearty babe and she loves to enjoy herself whenever she goes out on the weekends.She usually has her partner in crime with her Alicia and these two teen girls go to any party and make it so much better.They like to drink and get a little buzzed so they can really open up and have the wild fun that they enjoy.


Jessica gets right down to business after she’s had a few drinks.She usually attaches herself to a guy for the night and whenever she ends up getting super horny its time for her to stroke and suck.She takes his dick into her hands as she strokes on the cock and makes it get hard and rise up.


Once the dick is in place and looking very firm she kneels down and starts to suck on it with her mouth.She gives him a wet blow job and she enjoys pleasing that dick.If you look closely in the background, her friend Alicia is also at it as she fucks another lucky dude!


Missy takes it in

Missy was working the late shift at her job and she was pretty bored and lonely.She was hoping that a cute hot guy would come in and spice up her work shift.She got her wish when biker guy Danny walked in looking all cute in his leather she just had to have him.She sat down in front of him and her tiny skirt didnt cover much as she pulled her panties to the side and revealed her pink wet pussy to him.He got really hard and wanted to see what else this bored working teen could do.


She leaned over the counter and took his thick dick out of his pants.That cock was looking very nice and thick to her and she just wanted to see how it would feel and taste inside of her mouth.She opened up wide and sucked it in and made that fat cock go inside of her mouth as she started to give him a blowjob while she was on the clock!


Blonde Lena For You

Blonde Lena has arrived with her nice pair of tits and an eager appetite for my dick.She gets straight to work at hand and pulls her dress down as her bouncy perky tits just bounce out in the open and she smiles.She rubs on them and pinches the nipples for good measure to get them nice and hard and erect.This also helps my cock get very hard.


My dick begins to perk up and she knows how to get my motor running.She grabs my cock and turns it upwards to lick on the base of my balls all the way to the tip of my dick.She licks a hard cock really nicely and with her mouth she gets closer to making me cum.


Time to make my grand entrance inside of her mouth and she opens wide for me to park my cock deep inside of her throat.Her lips wrap around my dick and i start to push it in forward until im completely inside of her mouth!


Kiara and Nicole Blowjob

Kiara and Nicole had made me a bet that i wouldn’t have the guts to meet them at the library so they could both go down on me and give me a blow job.I thought these prissy bitches were full of poop so i took them out on their dare and just arrived to see what kind of excuse they give me for backing down.As soon as they saw me they put their books down and i knew that they were all serious and ready to play.


Both of them got down on their knees and took my cock out.I didnt know how o to react because i was about to get a 2 girl blow job from these hot bitches but i never really knew they had it in them.They opened up wide and they both took turns taking my cock into their mouths and licking it all over.


Best Friends Suck Cock

Taylor and Manda were hanging out at a local party and they started to get very horny for each other.The two best friends started to make out on the couch and get very horny and sexual with each other.They began to get undressed and reveal their hot bodies to the whole party.When everyone else saw this happening they decided they wanted in on the action as well and the party soon turned into a sexual orgy!


Taylor and Manda didnt know what they had started until they stopped making out and saw that everyone else was about to start fucking or were already in the process.The girls wanted to double team a cock so they picked one from the crowd and they got on their knees in front of it.


The lucky guys both had two hot girls on each dick trying to suck that cock and give a wet blow job.Taylor and manda shared one of the dicks and they had a great time placing their lips on the long rod in front of them.They sucked and stroked on that dick until he shot his load all over their faces.


Miley gives a blowjob

Miley was very playful and excited today.She bought a really hot and sexy costume that she was going to surprise me with today.Surprise me she did as she showed up and was looking hot as hell.The costume held up her perky breasts really nicely and she wore some hot red lips stick that accentuated her thick juicy lips as well.As i broke out the camera and got ready to snap away, i realized that she was very cock hungry and ready to do some naughty things with my dick.


She started to gently tease my dick with her mouth and start to lick the tip.My helmet head was so thick and sensitive that her wet lips and tongue were feeling like a drug as she licked and sucked on my dick.She took my cock into her mouth and i was able to just lean back and let her do her thing with my cock in her mouth.


Her lips cradled my cock and they looked really excellent wrapped around my dick.By this time her red lip stick had worn off and it was all over my cock.She was slurping and there was my cock all messy with her oral juices.