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Alexia Skye

Alexia Skye had a secret to tell her boyfriend.She never told him that she is one of the hottest porn stars in the world and she didnt know how he would take it.She invited him over to her work where she wanted to show him first hand what she does on a daily basis.When he saw her and what she could do he got horny for her and told her that he was excited to know so he wanted to see a personal show just for him.


Alexia felt relieved that he felt;t that way and she was happy again that he wouldn’t leave her.She decided to get sexy and strip for him to get his dick hard so she could thank him by giving him a blowjob.She pulled off her clothes and danced around showing him her hot ass and tits.


She walked over to him and kneeled down in front.She unzippered his pants and took his cock out with her fingers.When the cock was sticking out of the pants she opened up her mouth and started to give him a blow job.Now that he knew she did this everyday he decided to get more aggressive and face fuck her with his cock deep into her throat.


Teen Tickles Throat

This hot teen babe was ready for a blow job and she didnt want just any ordinary blow job, she wanted to give the hottest wettest and horniest blow job we could get on camera.See she was looking to get back at her cheating boyfriend and have this go out all over the internet so he could see what hes going to miss.We were all for it and excited for her to get to work.


Soon as she undressed and showed us her hot body we were all hooked don this hot babe.What followed next was even better.Her mouth was very wet and warm and started to work that dick as the oral juices secreted out onto the tip of the dick.As she pulled away the wetness was all over and it looked fucking hot as she got messy and gave it her all sucking this dick.


When the dick was wet enough for her she opened up and swallowed the cock.The dick was able to feel her tonsils as she licked it out slow and steady and then took it inside of her mouth again.Were sure her boyfriend is going to be kissing her ass once he sees what she can do with that mouth!


Jess Cock Cum

Today we have a treat for you with horny Jessi and her dick sucking ways. She drives most guys crazy because she is so horny that she will take a dick in her mouth anywhere she may be and make sure that all the cum is squeezed out and inside of her mouth.She has some really perky tits that she also lets you cum all over to get sticky and wet so why dont you come on over and see what this hot babe can do.


First step she does is to take that thick dick in her hand and look you straight in the eyes.She starts to fist pump your cock as the skin goes off on and on of your cock.She just loves it when she sin control like shes using a joystick for pleasure.Watch your cock get hard from her warm hands and tongue.


Once you’ve had enough go ahead and shoot your load inside of her mouth.She doesn’t mind and in fact loves the taste of the gooey salty cum that she instantly swallows and moans over.


Cougar Throats Cock

Alice is one horny cougar and it looks like today she captured the paper boy into her nest so she could have her way with him.Mike walked into to her house when she said she had a question about her delivery.He was very nervous because he knew Alice was definitely a hot MILF and he thought she had a great sexy body he would want to fuck.She sat him down and asked if he had a big cock for her to suck on. Mike didnt know how to answer her but his dick started to grow and Alice saw the bulge rise as she leaned in.


She took out his fat cock from underneath his shorts and she felt him quiver.She told him not to be nervous that she would go soft on his cock as she stroked on the dick and looked him in the eyes.She smiled at him and winked her eye as she opened her mouth up and took his dick straight in.Mike had never had a blowjob from a hot MILF before so he was trying really hard not to cum right away.She kept stroking on his dick as she sucked on him and enjoyed the taste of his hot cock in her mouth.


He was lasting pretty long for a young buck she thought to herself.So she took the chance to get undressed and show him her hot body as she got down on her knees and tried to defeat his long fat cock.She thought she would have him gushing out some semen by now but it looked like she would have to work harder.Mike was enjoying watching this hot babe with her lips wrapped around his cock as he got ready to fill her mouth full of cum.


Angel Big Cock Suck

Angel met Johnny at a strip club where she was the guest dancer for the night. he was amazed by her beauty and sexiness but she was equally impressed by his rather large cock.She remembers as she was giving him a lap dance that she would sit on the fat cock and feel it sticking straight up.She couldn’t wait to give him her number that night so they could hook up whenever either one of them were horny.That day finally came and Johnny called Angel over for some fun.


Angel smiled as she remembered his fat cock.Now she was going to see it in all its glory and she was ready to please this long thick cock with her mouth.When his cock flopped out of his pants she stared at it for a minute and admired how hot and long and fat it was.As she rubbed it along her lips Johnny got anxious and grabbed her from behind her head and shoved his cock straight into her mouth.Angel didnt have a chance to gasp for air as he started to face fuck her with his cock.


Johnny didnt let up as his cock kept going into Angels mouth and getting her very horny and excited.He leaned over and as he was shoving his dick inside of her mouth he started to finger pussy and get it nice and wet.She was enjoying getting her mouth full of his cock and his fingers getting pushed inside of her wet hole.


Yasmine Gives Head

Yasmine was chosen as our year end dick sucker of the month for December.This blonde babe really showed everyone else how a dick should be sucked and pleased.Especially if your a horny blonde teen that can practice all day long.We especially love her finish in this here scene because she enjoys having some warm salty semen running all down her face.


Yasmine grabs a cock and doesn’t let go as she uses her whole mouth to suck on it and get it nice and slippery.She likes it when the cocks are sturdy enough for her to enjoy for more than 30 mins.She spends her time sucking and licking a dick all over that she makes it feel special.


She usually stroke a cock to the finish and points the tip of the dick towards her face so she can attempt to catch the semen in her mouth.We can tell shes not a very good catcher when we see the white hot cum get all over and messy on her face and body.


Asian Teen Suck

Kim is one horny Asian babe and she isn’t like a typical Asian.Actually, the only reason she’s doing porn is to get back at her very strict parents.they never let her do anything in high school, not even dates boys.Well now that she’s 18 she has no problem taking it all off and showing the world what they have been missing on.That big round butt is ready to be taken do you think you can handle this teen sex machine and her lips of power for sucking a dick?


This teen really knew her stuff as she begins to suck on the cock.She had no problems getting the head of the dick to take notice of her lips.She uses the cock to tease her lips as she rubs it all along the length and gets the cock wet with her lips.Kim’s nice tits look great as she takes that cock in and she sucks on it hard and good.


By this point she went into over drive as her lips were hugging that cock and sucking it in.She was bobbing her head in and out and the cock was getting really hard and ready to shoot out its white hot fun.


Gracie For Me

Gracie is really horny teen and i knew she would take me up on my offer to come over and have some fun with me while m,y parents were away on a weekend vacation.I met Gracie at a local blood drive where she was volunteering and i couldn’t stop looking at her nice tits.This hot babe would do really well with my cock in her mouth i though to myself.She arrived wearing pink and she was looking very hot as i took some pictures of her sexy body.She got down and started to walk towards me on her knees.


She asked me to take out my dick and i un-zippered my pants when my fat dick popped up.She was surprised that it was so fat and big but she said she would be able to take this cock and please it good because she was really horny.She started to stroke on my dick with both of her hands and i got stiffer and stiffer.


When she saw that my dick was waiting for her warm mouth she went ahead and opened up as wide as she could.She was struggling to get that fat dick inside of her mouth but ill give her credit for receiving my cock inside and she was doing a great job of sucking me off real good.


Cum on Me

Stacy was a very horny dick sucking girl and she wanted to get her face filled with my sticky white go all over.This horny hot brunette teen stripped down for me into her nice purple thongs and if was enjoying seeing her pair of nice tits and great ass body.She was smiling the whole time because she knew she was going to have some fun with my big hard dick.I knew if was lucky enough to get Stacy to suck on my cock but if was sure i was going to shoot my big load of cum all over her teen face.


After she stripped down she came over between my legs and took my dick in her hands.She started to pump my cock with both hands and i could feel my dick getting harder and ready for her to do some more damage too.She smiled the whole time as did i and i enjoyed watching her have some fun handling my cock. She then started to kiss the tip of my dick with her lips and she started to lick on it from the bottom up and get my cock very nice and wet just the way i like it.


She started to suck on my cock and take the whole thing in to her sexy mouth.I started to pump my dick further and deeper into her mouth as she moaned and took my dick in.I noticed that she would gasp for air from time to time as my cock went into her mouth even deeper than before.


Mandi Opens Wide

Mandi was ready to open wide for a stiff hard cock.She didnt care which hole she had to open to get her sexual pleasure on.She wanted to get a dick inside of the first hole that it would find it ways into.She started to finger herself because she wanted to get extra horny and ready for the dick to enter her mouth, pussy or anal hole.When she started to get her fingers nice and wet from her juices she pulled it out and welcomed the cock that was standing in front of her face.


She leaned over and squatted next to the dick and grabbed it with her hand.She started to stroke on the dick and pull the skin up and down as she licked on his hard stiff dick.She started to squeeze her nipples and tug on them as she got hornier and hornier by the minute.


She started to suck on the stiff cock and taste the flavor of the skin.It tasted really great and it made her even hornier for that fat dick.As she sucked on the long cock she started to have an orgasm and her pussy juice dripped onto the floor.