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Teen and the Fat Cock

Teen Melinda was having a very boring day so she decided to call up the most popular boy in school because she knew he would know how to have some fun.After they graduated from high school they exchanged numbers in their year books and she went and looked him up.Sure enough she found his number and gave him a call to come over.When he arrived he asked her what she wanted to do and he sat down.She kneeled over to him and smiled as she took her hands and unzipped his shorts.She took out his long fat cock and she was amazed by the thickness of it.He smiled because he knew he was going to get lucky with this slut.


He leaned over and started to take his cock inside of her mouth.He closed his eyes and was enjoying the fun wet blowjob.She sucked and stroked on his fat cock and made him moan.She also liked to play with his balls and touch on them with her delicate fingers.He was getting very stimulated by her oral knowledge and he didnt know she was such a good blow job giver!


He wanted to insert his cock deep inside of her mouth so he had her lay down facing up as he positioned his balls and cock right above her.As she opened wide, he crouched down and stuck his fat cock inside of her mouth. She started to feel his dick go deeper and deeper inside of her throat until she was gasping for air.He let her breath and then he started to jackhammer her mouth with his cock.She was sucking that dick and gasping for air but she was having a good time doing it.


Cougar Wants Cock

Man, you guys should meet the horny blonde cougar im lucky enough to hook up with every once in awhile.Linda is her name and she likes to fuck every which way.The best part about this horny cougar though is that she loves to suck on my dick.She actually enjoys giving me a blow job and her lips work magic on my cock.I went to go visit her and we fooled around with her husbands camera while he was away.She pulled my pants off and started to feel and lick on my cock that was ready for her mouth.


Linda takes good care of my cock in her mouth. She gets naked and likes to lick on my fat long cock as she closes her eyes and moans away.Her mouth is really great at sucking my dick and the way she wraps her lips around my dick make it even better.She strokes on my cock with her mouth and the foreskin just moves on and off.She has really powerful lips.


She likes to deep throat on my cock and then gently ease that long dick out as it slowly glides right out.She looks up at me and asks me shoot my load in her mouth which i do!


Teen gets a Mouthfull

This nice bubble butt teen Mandy was on my radar for some fun.I teased her into taking some naked pictures for me and letting her know that they would be seen by millions of horny cocks around the world.She figured she would make her debut as a model worthwhile and she wanted to act just like a real porn star.We were happy with this great shot of her round ass that we were able to capture with our cameras.


We wanted to see some more of her skills and all we had to do was ask her what else she would be good at doing on camera.She got on her knees and took off her top as she grabbed onto my cock and started to give me a blowjob.She was licking and sucking and tugging on my cock while we were getting filmed.Man, those nice natural big teen tits looked good as they were bouncing off her chest.


I took her inside the condo we rented at the resort because i wanted to finish fucking her good.After a really great lay i did many sexual positions and had my cock deep inside of her pussy.I Straddled her and stuck my cock out as i jacked off and came all over her face.


Missy May Blowjob

Missy May is a one horny blonde teen.She recently paid a visit to her boyfriend when his parents weren’t home and she gave him a horny hot blow job.They used a camera to record all of their sexual antics and you get to see this horny blonde number go to work on his cock just the way that he experienced it! She was very happy to get to suck on his dick because it had been awhile since they had spent some time together.


She grabbed onto his long thick cock and let out a big smile because she knew exactly how she wanted to handle his dick.She started to stroke on the long cock with her hands and the dick got very firm and ready for her.She started to kiss on the tip of the dick gently to get its sense going and the juices flowing.


As she licked on that dick, it got very wet and she was ready to take it all in.With her horny mouth very warm and ready she swallowed that fat cock inside and started to give him a good blowjob.That fat dick entered her mouth over and over again as she swallowed it and he started to moan.He relieved himself inside of her mouth as he shot out his white gooey cum.She swallowed and smiled.


Laura gets Throated

Laura was in the mood for a fat long dick.She was wanting to suck on a long john and crave her blowjob feeling.She called her friend over who wanted her to use his cock.They set up the camera and put it on record as Laura was about ready to take the long thick dick inside of her mouth.She needed to get that dick nice and long first so she started to masturbate that long cock and pumping it with her hands until it stood up to greet her.


Once she saw that the muscle bound dick was nice and thick, she took the fat cock and swallowed it into her mouth.She started to pull it in and out of her wet mouth.Her friend started to close his eyes and enjoy this blonde hot stuff take that big dick into her mouth over and over again.


Big Long Cock

Jessie was hanging out by the pool when we caught her completely naked and playing with her pussy.We felt bad that this hot thing couldn’t find a cock to fill her mouth so luckily for her we volunteered our services to her.She was happy and wanted to see what type of long dick we would have ready to please her throat and mouth as it got rammed in and out of her oral orifice.


When she saw the monster cock she was happy as can be.She got on her knees and began to lick on the long black dick.She loved the monster cock we provided for her and she was very antsy to make it cum and shoot the white hot mess all over her.


She licked on the shaft and kept handling that cock with her mouth.We must tell you that she’s a pro when it comes to sucking dicks because she was making some amazing oral moves with her tongue.She got down and started to play with her pussy because she was very horny and was enjoying sucking on that fat cock.


Alissa Likes Fruit

Alissa went out for a dip in her pool.She was feeling very frustrated so she thought a cold dip in the pool would do her good.It only made things worse because she came out of the wet pool very horny and eager for some action.She decided to play with herself since there was nobody else around that would see her do such naughty things.


She sat down and started to pinch on her nipples.She loved the feeling of squeezing on those nipples and making herself very horny.She then took her hand and began to rub it all along her clit.Her pussy was very warm and wet and was ready for some real action of its own.


She remembered that she had brought a banana with her for a small snack.She knew it would make the perfect penetrating device because it would fit inside of her wet pussy hole.She took the odd shaped fruit and gently shoved it inside of her hole.She teased on her pussy clit with the banana and actually made herself have an orgasm!


Aletta gets fucked

Aletta Ocean thought she could make a first good impression by wearing a scantly clad uniform to her new school.The only thing she did was catch the attention of the class dick who wanted to sleep and fuck anything that moved.Aletta was listening to him talk to her about all his conquests and she wanted to see if he could really back up what he was yapping about.


She got on a desk and opened up her legs to welcome his fat cock inside.As he pulled her panties over to the side he started to lick on her pussy to get it nice and lubricated.He took his dick and stuck the tip inside of that wet warm pussy.It was all gravy from there as he started to pump her pussy good and fuck her with his dick.


Aletta knew that he was very experienced because he was making his cock stimulate her clit really good.She was about ready to explode and cum all over his dick in the classroom.they had to hurry up before th instructor got to class so took his cock and started to anal fuck her! There in the class room he shoved that hard cock into her tiny anal hole and made her cum all over!


Jenna Works Out

Jenna went to the gym to work on her glute muscles and her pussy! Actually she only goes to the gym after hours to fuck one of the instructors because she loves his big dick.She greeted him by being topless and giving him a nice view of her big round tits.She cracked a smile and he knew that she wanted his hard cock inside of her.


He sat her over on one of the exercise balls and took off her panties.Her pussy was ready for his long cock and he walked over and placed that dick inside of the pink slot.She moaned because it had been awhile since she had a hard stiff dick inside of her. He started to sway his hips and penetrate her pussy over and over as she begged for more.


She finally started to work up a sweat when the fat cock lay down and was sticking straight up.She straddled his body backwards and helped get that stiff dick inside of her pussy.As she bounced up and down so did her nice big tits.


Jesse Teen Suck a Dick

Jesse is a very cute petite teen that came by the studio to make her grand entrance into the world of throat fucking.We feel in love with her small body frame and big smile.Thats not all though, this horny hot teen had heart, a heart big enough where she wanted to take on the thickest dick we had in the studio for her to enjoy.


When the big dick came out to greet Jesse, she was amazed at the thickness of that fat dick.She started to undress and handle that dick with her hands.As she got hornier she finally swallowed the dick in her mouth.She made us all gasp for air when we saw her deep throat the fat cock and take it into her tiny mouth like it was no big deal!