Johane was our guest star for tonight’s blowjob scene and we didn’t know what to expect from her. She came highly recommended, but I am always a bit skeptical when I see a new face. Well, I had nothing to worry with this blowjob Queen. When we told her that she was going to give head to three guys her reply was: “that’s all?” And I could sense a bit of disappointment in her voice. 


Wow, what would make this girl happy? Giving head to twelve guys? Anyway, I prepared the camera and this is the only time that I remember when we didn’t have to do it more than once – this babe was natural and so good that my boys could hardly last for 20 minutes and blew their loads all over her pretty face.


She never left a single one of their cocks unattended! At many times she had two cocks in her mouth at the same time with one hand on their balls and her other hand on the other cock! She was the best multitasking slut I’d ever seen!


Then she said she just had to get some cock in her pussy so she mounted one while she licked and sucked the other two! They just couldn’t last much longer and one by one they blew their loads on her face, in her mouth and all over her tits! And, like a good girl, she licked and sucked their cocks clean!