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First Time Deep Throat

Debbie White is such a fragile, petite girl, we were afraid that she’d get crushed if we got her in bed with one of our heavy hitters. Well, our fears weren’t shared by Zenza Raggi, who showed her how he likes to have his cock sucked and she took it like a champion!


When Debbie saw the size of his cock she was a little nervous at first, but said she’d give it a try! She started licking and sucking on the head of his cock to tease him and get him nice and hard! Not that it took very long for that to happen with this hot brunette sucking his cock!


Then he decided to show her how it’s done! He positioned her right in front of him telling her to tilt her head back just a little and relax, which she did!


He ten grabbed the back of her head and slid his cock right down her throat! She gagged a little at first, but then she got the hand of it letting him throat fuck her while she licked the bottom of his cock! She did a great job and didn’t even gag when he started to pump his hot load right down her throat! She swallowed every drop!

Sexy Brunette Kylie Rachelle

Today I present to you the lovely Kylie Rachelle! This super hot black haired pornstar has quickly become one of my favorites lately! These got these sexy eyes that get me every time I see her! But, she’s also a total freak, which is why she really gets me!


She loves to fuck and if you’ve ever seen her fuck then you know what I’m talking about! She’s got a sexy body with curves in all the right places and this girl can suck a dick like a champion!


She loves to deep throat and nothing beets seeing a hottie like this swallow a big 10 inch cock! She takes it all the way down her throat and then some! She’s amazing!


And, she loves cum! I mean she’ll lick your cock clean after you cum on her tits, her face, or if you just miss her mouth! She loves it all!

Hot Blonde Brittney

If you love hot little petite teens then I’ve got just what you need today! I bring you the sexy young Brittney who’s ready for some good old fashioned cock sucking!


This hot little 18 year old loves to suck cock and she’s finally old enough to do it on camera! Her boyfriends have always told her suck cocks like a professional so she thought why not give that a shot!


With a tight little body like hers it’s no wonder she’s got hard cocks lined up at the door! Between the way she sucks cock and that hot little shaved pussy of hers there’s no man who could say no!


Oh and did I mention that she loves to swallow? It doesn’t get any better than that!

Perfect Girlfriend

Audrey Bitoni is absolutely the PERFECT girlfriend! Audrey loves going out with her boyfriend to clubs to sit back and watch him work the ladies! She doesn’t want to share him, but she loves him to death and thinks he’s super hot so she likes to go dangle him in front of other girls knowing that he’ll get all horny with them grinding on him while he dances and then she can go home and have him fuck her brains out!


But, last year this got her into trouble when they were at a club and both totally wasted she found him in the bathroom getting a blowjob by a girl he met there that night! They got over it, but she wasn’t going to let it happen again so she came up with a plan!


From that point on she made sure to take extra special care of him before they went out! He always loved her blowjobs, but the blowjobs she gives to him before they go out are extra special! She makes sure to suck his cock hard and deep and swallow every load of cum he can shoot! This makes sure he doesn’t get too horny at the club!