Vanessa Jordin has a blind date tonight, but it’s not your normal blind date, more a blind date 2009 style! She’d been talking to him for months online and tonight was the night they’d meet in person! She’d always gotten really turned on when they chatted and she only hoped that when he showed up that he actually looked like the man she’d thought she’d been talking to all this time!


As he came through the door, flowers in hand, she saw that in fact he was exactly like she picture and even better than the photos he had shown her online!


She was soo excited to see him in person that she got immediately turned on and wanted to suck his cock just like she’d been dreaming about all these months! She dropped to her knees and immediately grabbed his cock! She was also happy to see that he wasn’t lying when he said he had a nice cock!


She pulled out his cock and shoved it straight into her mouth! She couldn’t believe how good his cock tasted and perfect this was! They sat on the sofa and she sucked his cock while he fingered her tight wet pussy! He asked if he could fuck her and she snapped back that all she wanted was his cock and cum in her mouth and they could fuck later!


That turned him on soo much that he almost blew his load right there! He held on for a little bit longer, but it wasn’t long before he blew his load in her mouth and all over her face! Sounds like a match made… ONLINE!